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Our Capabilities:

 A FUll Description Of Services We offer

We believe in Strategy, before Tactics. However, if you have a specific need, and are looking for a specific service, we can deliver on the following. We consider these to be “A la carte” services that can be offered individually, or in addition to the strategy we provide.

Web design

An all-in-one solution for any mid to small sized business looking to create an effective marketing hub, that is geared to increase web traffic and convert web visitors into customers.

Email Marketing

Effectively connect with current customers and interested prospects alike. Your biggest asset is your Email list. We'll set-up campaigns that will drive traffic and bring in sales from your list


A basic SEO strategy is your vehicle to the top pages in most popular search engines. Catapult your way to the top and increase, traffic, awareness, and sales.

Pay Per Click Advertising

We'll develop contextual advertising strategies that are designed to quickly get your business more clicks, calls, and customers. We do this by using Facebook/IG Ads, or Google Adwords


If you would like to start selling online, but aren’t sure how to go about it, then rest easy. We’ve got you covered.

Social Media

The best way to stand out from the crowd, increase your brand awareness, and build trust with your customer audience, is by using a Social Media channel that is contextual to your business.

Content Creation

Your content is how you will attract ideal customers and tell your story in a compelling way. We can teach you how to create content, at scale, or create content for you on a monthly basis. But what kind of content you ask?

How We Serve

● Clean, optimized and mobile-friendly site, that is organized intuitively for your visitors.
● Built with a beautiful design to generate and convert online leads
● SEO Friendly. Search engines will love your site because they are speedy, secure, and loaded with relevant keywords.
● Integrated with your Social Media channels.

● Increase traffic to your website
● Build stronger relationships with customers
● Share important information
● Boost organic sales
● Build excitement for new offers
● Increase the customers lifetime value

● Research and analyze the most relevant keywords and phrases customers are searching for.
● Review and enhance website load-time and security measures
● Create compelling META descriptions including your relevant keywords
● Optimize for Local Search Popularity
● Optimize your “Google My Business”

● Campaign and ad creation, management, and optimization
● Cost-Effective Leads
● Speedy Results and Conversions
● Performance Reporting
● Actionable Data-Backed Insights
● Increased Exposure and Brand Recognition
● Highly Targeted Audience Groups

● Integrate your shopping cart and payment processor
● Optimize your sales page in order to convert visitors into customers
● Optimize your Website for a clean Mobile Experience
● Create Compelling Product Descriptions
● Import Your Products
● Upload Your Product Photos

● Social Media Strategy
● Themed Content Approach
● Competitor Analysis
● Profile Set-Up and Optimization
● Targeted Audiences and Demographics

● Compelling Blog Articles loaded with SEO keywords
● Value-adding content that aims to serve your audience and build trust
● Graphics and Captions for IG and Facebook Posts
● Video Ads
● Client and Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

The core of what we offer includes digital strategy, consulting services, website development, paid social media ads, online brand development and traffic generation. We function best as consultants who advise on and implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy for our clients.

See above for the full list of internet marketing services we offer.

Our clients are as varied as our individual areas of expertise. This is intentional to make sure we always have a diverse grasp of what’s happening in SEO and Online Marketing. While we don’t limit ourselves to specific industries, we have built up areas of specialization in the fields of:

  • professional services (B2C & B2B companies);
  • e-commerce websites 
  • healthcare organizations;
  •  local businesses

When clients hire us to help them achieve their online marketing goals, we’re presented with a unique set of challenges that brings creativity, accountability, and measurement together in order to achieve real results.

We help our clients:

  • Maintain their position at the top of the industry.
  • Position themselves as reputable and trusted authorities online.
  • Increase web traffic and conversions
  • Identify target audiences
  • Bring clarity to their messaging
  • Reclaim their digital presence or SEO ranking after performance loss or poor investments.
  • Reduce a strong investment in offline marketing methods  that can’t produce the same benefits as Paid Traffic, SEO or sustainable content.
  • Repair their online reputations in organic search,  and increase brand value.
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness

No. As long we are working with you, we won’t take on a client in the same industry. Much of our work requires creativity and it isn’t fair to choose which client gets our best ideas and energy.

The cost of our digital marketing services vary depending on the full scope of services needed.

Average Cost of Projects:

Specific projects are quoted individually. Audits and Strategies are typically $800 -$2000 + depending on the size, complexity, and number of domains analyzed.

3 Month Retainers: We schedule bi-weekly or weekly calls with our clients for an hour, deliver monthly performance reviews and  detailed reports upon request, as well as quarterly strategy reviews (ideally an in-person presentation with management and/or leadership teams).

Individual Projects: Like our retainer clients, we still like to schedule bi-weekly or weekly calls with our project-based clients. We use this time to pre-deliver our recommendations, get feedback on our progress, and discuss next steps.

We find that when you’re involved in the process, you’re more likely to implement our recommendations and see positive results. And positive results means everyone is happy!

No two clients are the same when it comes to their online marketing needs. And, we understand that those differences often extend beyond your marketing department to billing terms, payment options, and procurement teams.

Since we operate on an accrual basis, we typically invoice quickly (immediately on signing and receipt of a PO number for larger clients) and prefer shorter payment terms (net 30 or less). If there is something in your process that requires longer terms, let us know and we will figure it out.

We accept all major Credit Cards, Checks, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo and ACH.

Each project is spearheaded by our Founder and CEO, Janden Grady. He will then work hand in hand with our other team members, Ashley and Justin.

We do not outsource our core services.

We have a handful of trusted experts for editing and content creation when we’re working with a client on a considerably large project. Because each of our clients have different needs, writing styles, tone and voice, and industry-specific guidelines, if we need to, we will source the best writers and editors for the job.

Submit a contact form here and we’ll be in touch soon. If we have an opening and your online marketing needs align with our capabilities, we’ll schedule a discovery call. Then we’ll put together a proposal with a more defined statement of work for you to review. We look forward to hearing from you!

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